05 月 14 2022 - 07 月 09 2022


11:00 - 18:00

「擁抱彩虹」之《疫情過後 ,有些事想跟你說》- 岑麗嫦、施明珠雙個展


「擁抱彩虹」之《疫情過後 ,有些事想跟你說》



由方舟澳門藝術學會主辦、澳門基金會贊助、望德堂區創意產業促進會以及瘋堂十號創意園協辦的一個匯聚本地藝術支持者的藝術展覽《藝力匯聚之【擁抱・彩虹】Embrace the Rainbow》, 將於2022 年5月14 日舉行第三場展覽:《疫情過後 ,有些事想跟你說》- 岑麗嫦、施明珠雙個展。


是次展覽將展出23幅作品, 透過色彩繽紛的畫作及數碼插畫, 把正能量傳遞給觀者。岑麗嫦的作品反映出疫情過後的「新態度」,令人於生活、關係及生命中重覆反思; 而施明珠的作品,讓觀者感受到希望、快樂和愛, 藉此療癒他們的心靈。


Ark-Association of Macau Art (the “AAMA”) takes great pleasure to present its 2022 art program entitled “Art Power Jamming – Embrace the Rainbow”, sponsored by Macao Foundation, and supported by Creative Industries Promotion Association of St. Lazarus Church District and 10 Fantasia.


The third exhibition entitled “Embrace the Rainbow – “Hey! Let us talk again after the pandemic” Joint Solo Exhibition of Carol Sam and Celia Si, will be launched on 14th May 2022, showcasing the creations of two Macau artists – Carol Sam and Celia Si.  The exhibition will feature 23 artworks which aim to boost positivity to the audience.   Carol’s paintings revolve about “new attitude”, which might be something that people have forgotten after the pandemic.  Her works are so contemplative that attach to people’s daily life and relationship.  Celia’s digital illustrations give rise to hope, happiness and love, evoking the power of heart healing.






Carol Sam

Born in the 80s, Social Work Master graduate, full-time social work professional, passionate about incorporating art into social work and care for societal issues. Carol hosted “Green Life- Ecological Art Scheme” back in 2006, motivated teenagers to use artworks made by everyday thrown-away objects to illustrate environmental changes, and to express their thoughts on future Macau. Carol participated in the filming and art design of the Macau documentary “HERstory -Jeritan” in 2008.


Carol’s creative inspiration often comes from everyday life, touching moments and human sentiments. Hosted a duo exhibition- “Soft and Hard Conversations” in 2018; and a solo exhibition – “The beginning is the end is the beginning” in 2021. Carol also participated in the ARK-AAMA annual member exhibitions during 2016 – 2021.


Carol has joined different Art Therapy courses in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, in hopes to embody the fluidity and healing nature of art with social work professionalism, helping others relieve everyday life pressure and explore their internal world.













Creative Concept:

“Social Touch” and “Social Distancing” between all human beings have probably been having the most impact during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Actual face-to-face touch decreased, while online interaction or facetime touch has soared. Actual distance became farther apart, whereas virtual or online distance seemed so near. The pandemic brought along inconvenience and loss, it is yet a chance for us to review our life, the relationship with others, our values and even the meaning of life.

In the modern decades, information and knowledge are vast and handy, we are never short of these things. Nevertheless, when coming to life and death, separation and loss, modern people, who are the same as the ancient people, oftentimes are deprived of the spiritual transcendence wisdom which is probably possessed by some Higher Power.

In this exhibition, Carol tries to convey a “new attitude”, which might be something that we have forgotten after the pandemic. Reminding us that we have to make peace with what nature has given to us. Upon harvest, natural disasters or all kinds of disputes, putting one’s own benefits in priority are not solutions to these circumstances, indeed we should be working together as well as finding one’s own contribution among the crowds, helping each other in pursuit of better mutual interests. Answers are wherein we sort out the state of peace in all ways, with “justice, mercy and humbleness” at heart.

The term “Post Pandemic” is an anticipation, an aspiration, or maybe a break-through or overcomer.

Perhaps 2022 is the “post pandemic” decade. When we restart our daily lives again, reconnect with other people again, remember, we could have a better”new normal” when everyone is making a little step for a better world.






我們不知道疫情什麼時候完結,能不能回到疫情前的那個世界,回復以前的生活,但我們現在必需活於當下,感恩疫情中總有人替我們負重前行。為了陽光再次亮起、為了讓人與人之間的距離不再被口罩拉遠,我們互相協助,用生命點燃生命,我們滿懷期待,很快我們將會摘下口罩, 和愛的人到處旅遊,享受歡樂的時間。



Creative Concept:

Since the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia has swept the world at a rapid pace unseen in this century. An epidemic has smashed into our originally peaceful life, and normal social contact between people has become dangerous. Fear, Worry, Masks make the distance between people farther, we can’t see each others clearly, everyone’s eyes become cautious, from individual to society, from country to world, our connection is gradually frozen step by step.

We don’t know when the pandemic will end, whether we can return to the world before the pandemic and return to our previous life, but we must live in the present now. We are grateful that there are always people who are carrying the burden for us during this outbreak.

In order for the sun to light up again, in order that the distance between people will no longer be pulled away by masks, we support each other and ignite each life with our lives. We are full of expectations and will take off our masks soon, travel around and spend great time with loved ones.

The author hopes to convey infinite hope and positive energy to the audience through this exhibition of works, so that every audience can feel “hope, happiness and love” from the visual and spiritual aspects of the works.  As long as we face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, the so-called “Rainbow Will Always Meet A Rainbow” and “Hope Is Tomorrow”. We believe that in the near future, the pandemic will dissipate, people will live and work in peace and contentment.

Finally, author hopes that this art exhibition will heal the audiences’ minds and let art create colors to their lives.